Rick Scarpello, CEO and founding partner of MC Brands, LLC, is a food expert with a focus on Operations and Compliance.

Scarpello’s innovative thinking and inquisitive mind drove him to develop several businesses. In addition to Medically Correct, LLC (Colorado license holder), R & B Distribution LLC (packaging and ingredient distribution), Ma Hua LLC (CBD food company), he is the founding partner of Sproutwell LLC, specializing in gluten-free sprouted grains and also Alien Grains LLC, a fledgling gluten-free beer company.

Rick’s expertise includes building company-wide Standard Operating Procedures, Quality Control Plans, Food Safety controls, Food Defense Plans, Organic Certifications, Kosher Certifications, Food Recall Systems, and Quality Assurance plans. Specifically, Rick Scarpello implemented extensive quality control plans that included: double checks of recipes, checks of recall lot number tracking, checks of perpetual inventory to balance with the recipe building, final checking of actual product (look, feel, taste and smell), training the employees performing the quality control checks, and creating standard procedures for data entry certifying the passing or failure of final product. Additionally, Rick Scarpello created and executed quality assurance standards to verify the operating procedures on a daily, minute-by-minute basis. The quality assurance standards involve incorporating checks and balances, spot checking procedures, and ingredient checks, ensuring that no shortcuts or replacements were made.

Mr. Scarpello has significant experience in working with start-up and negative cash-flow companies, whereby implementation of business plans led to cash-flow positive revenues, opportunities for expansion, and nation-wide success.