Jenny Worringer is a molecular biologist with over a decade of experience in the quality control and assurance of pharmaceutical drug products. She provides the leadership and knowledge required to maintain cGMP regulatory compliance and maintains the highest level of inspection readiness at all times

Ms. Worringer earned her degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Connecticut. She began her professional pharmaceutical career working with one of the largest global targeted oncology pipelines at the Eli Lilly subsidiary ImClone Systems, protecting patients through her work in the quality control laboratory environment.

After an 8.5 year tenure with Lilly, during which the lab met the highest of professional standards, Ms. Worringer moved on to the PharMedium division of AmerisourceBergen to accept the challenge of creating a new federally mandated quality control batch release testing program; supporting the build out and implementation of the newly required quality control laboratory for their 503b compounding pharmacy locations in four states. There, she has implemented critical quality systems needed in large scale manufacturing facilities to maintain strict control over every aspect of the process in order to assure production of safe and effective products.

Ms. Worringer is an expert at creating and performing validation and routine testing programs involving various microbiological and analytical methods, on sample types ranging from raw materials all the way through to finished goods. She also has extensive experience writing, revising and maintaining the standard operating procedures governing all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

As CWNJ, Jenny will be the Laboratory and Quality Assurance Manager. Her responsibility will be to build quality-based manufacturing systems and procedures throughout the enterprise to assure production of reliable, safe, and high quality medicinal marijuana products for NJ patients.