In 1999, Jason Danielson graduated the University of Saskatchewan with a graduate degree in Molecular Genetics focusing on the identification of QTLs for malt barley.  He gained his operational experience in a Marker Assisted Breeding lab at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and then as a Commercialization Officer until 2002 at which point he joined Dow Chemical Company to establish their molecular breeding laboratory until 2010. During that time Jason held roles as the Canola Lab Leader, the Discovery Brassica Transformation Group Leader, and the Canola Trait Product Development Leader. In 2010 he returned to the farming industry as an independent consultant with a number of agriculture related companies. This path brought his Molecular Genetics focus to the cannabis industry when he was engaged by Discovery Seed Labs. In 2015 Jason became a partner and president for Discovery Seed Labs until advancing In 2018 to co-found Kairos Bio-Pharmaceuticals 

Kairos Bio-Pharmaceutical is positioning itself to be the industry leader in the genetics, development, and characterization of cannabis. Kairos has developed internal tools and external partnerships to catalogue land race and commercial cultivars using genetic and phenotypic characterization, processes already used in the development and registration of existing agricultural crops.

Kairos is working to sequence economically important cannabis lines that exist in the company’s genebank. By accessing the sequence information of their genetic material the company will be able to develop molecular markers specific to these cannabis lines and begin harvesting the unique genetic traits that they possess. These molecular tools will allow Kairos to identify quantitative trait loci (QTLs) and create additional tools for the breeding of new cannabis varieties that are targeted toward specific end use goals.

As Chief Technology Officer, Jason has spearheaded discussions with the National Research Council of Canada for the collaboration of developing breeding tools that will allow for the fixing of homozygosity in a plant and sterile tissue culture techniques to allow for the industrial micropropagation of a cannabis plant.