Colleen’s relationship with DMR first began in the 1990s, where in her role in economic development in Jersey City, she managed the establishment of the city’s first charter school, the Golden Door Charter School, which was designed by DMR.

After many more years working in economic development, including most recently serving as the head of the Division of Strategic Planning and Intergovernmental Relations for the County of Union, Colleen now serves as DMR’s Director Business Development, a role which is dedicated to expanding developing and expanding client relationships.

Ms. Mahr is very involved in New Jersey politics, having represented Fanwood as Mayor since 2004, and also currently serving on the executive board of the New Jersey League of Municipalities (NJLM) and is past President of the New Jersey Conference of Mayors. In addition, she chairs the NJLM Land Use Legislative Committee and leads the Mayor’s Coalition for the Raritan Valley Rail Coalition.