Bob Eschino is the Founder and President of Medically Correct, LLC, which is best known for its trusted brand incredibles, the number one cannabis infused edible producer in Colorado. As an expert in the packaging industry, Bob partnered with food expert and serial entrepreneur, Rick Scarpello to form Medically Correct, LLC in 2010.

Medically Correct has 3 cultivation facilities and two manufacturing facilities for infused products in Colorado. The company has also licensed state-compliant processing businesses to produce its line of products in Nevada, California, Oregon and Illinois, and works closely with licensees to assure the quality and success of its product line in other states.

Mr. Eschino has founded and participated in numerous marijuana council boards, lobbying groups and alliances, focusing on educating the public and legislators about the legal, ethical, and medicinal issues surrounding the operations of a safe and strictly compliant medical marijuana business. Bob’s focus on patients, compliance, and the medicinal value of cannabis is the foundation of his cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of medical marijuana and infused products for consumption by medical patients or persons with debilitating medical conditions.